All About Collabor8 Business Network

The Collabor8 business network is a unique group of professional business owners, generally those with parenting responsibilities, who know the value of networking but who want more than just a source of new business.

We operate on a low-cost monthly subscription basis in order that we might attract individuals from various backgrounds, whether their businesses are pre start-up or well established, to be inclusive and supportive of those who might otherwise not invest in networking.

The purpose of Collabor8 is to provide encouragement, advice and support, personal and business development, as well as networking and referrals to help our members to increase sales.

Primarily our community is designed for members to communicate online as we know that most parents running a business struggle to find time to get out and actively network at events. We have a Facebook group for paying members, our own online forum, as well as regular events for those who wish to attend – including child-friendly events during the daytime, evening meet-ups (when the kids are in bed) and relaxed, informal coffee dates.

There is no limit as to how many people from within the same profession can join us, as we believe in working collaboratively for our mutual benefit, not in competition. Our ethos is: together we are stronger.

The Collabor8 business network provides the perfect opportunity to seek advice, post about your challenges and successes, as well as to pass referrals to one another and get easy access to professionals when you might need them yourself.

Whether you only check in once a week on Facebook and never come to an event, or attend all of our events and use the group throughout the day, you can commit as much time and energy as you wish.

But remember, the more involved you are, the more you develop relationships, the more your business will grow. That’s how networking works!

So, come along and Collabor8 with us! We don’t believe in competition, only collaboration. If you’re our kind of person, join us.